Welcome to my website! 

I'm Alison Bliss, author of sexy, southern-style Contemporary Romances that are laugh-out-loud funny. 

With every book I write, I want my readers to turn the pages with a stupid grin on their face.  I want to fill them with a sense of love and open their hearts to a passionate story, one they can devour mercilessly, while simultaneously laughing their way to the next page.

Some people say that eyes are the windows to your soul.  I believe the same to be true about books.  With every book I write, I'm shoving open the window to my soul and allowing readers to peer inside.  I'm putting myself on the page.  And this is me in my purest form.  Pure Bliss.



  1. Your books are absolutely hilarious! I love the interactions between the characters and the constantly funny comments that keep the reader laughing. I wouldn't want to put any more roosters near Emily, though. :) Thank you so much for making all of your readers' lives that much more enjoyable!

    1. Thank you so much! So happy to hear you enjoyed my work. Definitely will have to keep Emily away from those roosters! ;)