Friday, September 27, 2013

A Little CP Fun

Most of you guys probably already know that "CP" means "Critique Partner."  But what some of you may not know is how rewarding it can be to have one.  Or, in my case, nine of them. 
Yep, you heard that right!  I have nine critique partners.
Maybe I'm was a little ambitious adding so many fantastic writers to my harem, but when I know this many women (who write so damn well), then there's only one thing for me to do: ask them to be my CP.  And, lucky me, they've all agreed!
So let me introduce you to my CP friends.  I'm providing a link  for each of them, in case any of you would like to follow these fine ladies on Twitter.  All of them are funny, kind, and beautiful people.  Easy to connect with and fantastic writers to boot.  You won't be sorry, I promise!

("Elizabeth" and "Hayley" write together)

I got the idea for this blog post when I recently begged (okay, it was more of a order) one of my CPs (ahem...Rachael Slate) to write a particular male character's story because I'm dying to read it.  No, seriously.  DYING.  I love him.  I want him.  (Hey, no judging!  It doesn't make me a slut just because I want to bang fictional men!)
Um, back to what I was saying.  So Rachael decided to fulfill with my request.  Well, sort of. Below is the story she wrote for him.
FYI: to protect the anonymity of the hero, HE requested I change his name and the working title of his story.  (Yes, we are in a relationship and, no, I won't share him with anyone...even the author who created him.  Sorry, Rachael!)

(Click the pic above to enlarge)
Okay, so Rachael is a smartass.

But so am I.  *evil grin*
As her CP, I felt as though it was my duty to edit her *cough* "book."
So this is what I sent her:

(Click the pic above to enlarge)

As you can see, Rachael and I have a good time together.  Things like this make the writing and editing process all the more rewarding.
Sure, editing for someone can be filled with unpleasantness and negativity.  I mean, who really wants to tell a writer that their scene doesn't work or that they don't like one of their characters?  And there's always the chance the writer will become defensive or even downright offended.  But you have to be honest, right? 
Let's face it, no writer gets the story right their first go round, unless you're a freaking genius. (In that case, send me your information!  I'd like to CP for you!)
All of our emails to and from my supportive, wonderful CPs are filled with fun chatter.  Each of us try to offset the bad with the good.  Smiley faces and LOLing at something the character says can go a long way in cushioning a blow to someone's ego.  Because it's their blood, sweat, and tears cemented into the work that you're ripping apart at the seams and nitpicking to death.  So, keep in mind one thing: there's always a nice way of saying something harsh.  In other words, you don't have to be an ass to get your point across.  And don't tease your CP.  Remember that your CP will eventually be commenting on YOUR manuscript or will happily take out their revenge in some form or another.

For instance, I just got mine!  *smirk*

All kidding aside, I did ask Rachael's permission before posting her "teaser" of a story, permission she granted immediately because she's awesome like that.  (Thanks, Rachael!  You rock!) 

If you would like to follow my fabulous CP, Rachael Slate, then check out her links below.  Trust me when I say that you guys are going to LOVE her books!  They are terrific!
Twitter: @RachaelSlate

And follow my blog, as well! Or even my FB page at  I'd love to have you!


  1. Aw, thanks Alison! I have so much fun bantering with you too, but in all honestly, I appreciate your brilliance and dedication and how much you've made me a better writer!

    BTW, if the "heroine who doesn't have a name yet" sees this post, you're in big trouble! She's got some serious powers. Just sayin'... ;)

    1. Thanks for saying that! Very sweet, indeed. But, gah, I was hoping to convince you to write ME into that story as his love interest. Wait. Why are you laughing? Seriously. "Dave" and I need our happily-ever-after! (It feels so weird calling him "Dave.") LOL

  2. This is so freakin funnyj!! I'd be scared to death to have nine CPs. You have definitely made us better writers, Alison. I will never write "really" or "pretty" again. Ever. I really mean it. Dammit lol. Anyway, we are getting an ARC of your second book, right? Good, I thought so.


    p.s. my old comment had two typos in it, and since I am posting about CPing, I had to delete and repost.

    1. Ha! Hate to tell you, but you still have a typo! LOL Leave it though. It makes me giggle (and want to mark it in red)! And of course I'm going to force you girls to read more of my work. No doubt! :)

      By the way, I can't wait to see the one you and Elizabeth are working on right now. I'm dying to get my hands on it! ;)

      And thanks!

    2. OMG!!! I deleted the j in funny when I reposted. I am totally blaming the computer and not myself lol.

    3. Haha! Hilarious. No worries. I won't tell everyone that you teach English. Um...oops. ;)

  3. Hayley forgot to say that we won't use exclamation points anymore either! Lol!
    We're honored to be one/two of your CPs. But we're more honored to have you as one if ours :)

    1. Ha! I'm a chronic abuser of exclamations, smiley faces, and LOLs in my emails. ;) LOL See? And thanks, Elizabeth! I feel the same way about you two ladies. You girls are so much fun to talk to and are definitely my go-to peeps for all things grammatical. But you both should probably avoid responding to things on your phones. LOL Damn auto correct. ;)

  4. Ha! Makes me think of all the hilarious comments that travel to and fro during our critique sessions. What would we do without our CPs?

    1. Like the one where you called my character a crack whore? LOL ;)

      Yep, I'd be lost without you guys, for sure! I was lucky to find so many fantastic CPs, who not only write beautifully, but have such great senses of humor! You make me so proud to call you my friend! :)