Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Bad

I haven't posted much lately, but this has been a productive week for me. 

I've edited several chapters of BLOOD RIVALS, wrote the first chapter to another book, and started detailed outlines for two more novels.  Also, I participated in a Facebook Writer Party with eighty-some-odd other participants.  We set word count goals for ourselves and wrote in two-hour sprints, then met up during the half-hour breaks for book giveaways and connecting with other authors.  Lots of fun.  I made some great new writing friends and even won one of the ebook giveaways. 

But then I made myself feel foolish, which I have a tendency to do at least once a day...if I'm lucky.

The author posted my name as the winner and asked that I pick any ebook from her website.  I immediately went to her site to make my selection and discovered this erotica romance writer had beautiful covers and great descriptions!  Yay for me, right?  But there was a lot of great ones to choose from, and we were getting ready to start the next two-hour writing sprint.  In a hurry to get back to the party, I skimmed all the blurbs quickly and chose the book with a hot, half-naked man on the cover and a US Marshal as the hero.  Gotta love those government men in (or out) of their uniforms!

I notified her of my selection and went back to writing...until I received a private message from the author.  She had a question for me that went something like this.  "You know it's a male/male romance, right?"

Once I was done choking on my own saliva, I messaged her back. 

All I could really say was, "Oops!"  I'm not a prude by any means, but personally prefer to read about female/male relationships.  She was great about it, let me change my selection, and we got a laugh out of it.  And, honestly, had she just sent it without asking first, I would've read it.

My husband got a kick out of my little booboo, as well.  I primarily read and write romance, and he refers to the heroes of the books as my "boyfriends."  So the thought of me reading a story about my "boyfriend" getting it on with his own "boyfriend" while a confused me read on was enough to make my husband chuckle.

All I go do was laugh and shrug.  My bad.

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