Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Hey, Gang!
Thought it was about time to post again.  I've been neglecting my writerly duties (as far as my blog goes), but I have a pretty good reason.  I'm writing another novel. 
See?  I told you it was a good reason!
For the last month, I've been distracted with revisions for my first novel, BLOOD RIVALS.  It's got a great premise, but the writing needs lots of work.  After all, it was my first (practice) novel.  My second novel, RULES OF PROTECTION, was much stronger because I made so many mistakes in my first novel.  (Amazing how that happens, right? *grin*)  Also I've been outlining a couple of new novel ideas on the side.  I sorta flipped back and forth between revisions and outlining whenever I got hung up.
But I needed to focus on just one thing. 
So I closed the window on revisions, eeney-meenie-miney-mo'ed the outlines, and started writing a new novel.  Not exactly what I meant to do, but hey, at least I'm writing again.  And the feeling it wonderful.  I'm in chapter four already, and the words are flowing well, even after switching POVs and rewriting from third person to first person. 
But, during my struggling period, I learned a few things about myself.
1.  I hate feeling discouraged.
2. I'm dedicated to improving my craft.
3.  I can write a decent third person, but my humor is much more effective in first person.
4.  I can't beat my ten year old (embarrassing) or my four year old  (really embarrassing!) on a damn video game.  Yes, we played.  Yes, I lost.  No, I don't want to talk about it.  *sobs*
To end on a good note, I will share with you guys a conversation I had with my 10 year old son.  You'll probably find this funnier than I did (at the time).  Thursday night, I asked him if he had a date with the Easter Bunny this weekend.  He shrugged his eyebrows suggestively and said, "Maybe with Ms. Easter Bunny."
To my family, friends, and writers everywhere...

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