Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Things I Love


Today I'll be writing about THINGS I LOVE.  The idea for the post (and awesome graphic) courtesy of Jae Dansie.  Check out her Things I Love post on LIT and scribbles, where she talks about her love of Asian Kung Fu Generation.  Most of the things I love are self-explanatory, but I'll elaborate with a few pictures.  And though this goes without saying, my husband and children are not things, but I love them, so they are at the top of that list.  That goes for my family and friends, who of course come in at a close second.

Now, onto the other things I love...

My Dogs

Ecko (Boxer) & Gemma (English Bulldog)
Warning: both slobber ridiculously.



Last year my family took a private tour around Scotland.  We took in the lovely sights, dipped our toes in Loch Ness, peeked inside a few castles, and my husband almost got himself gored by a Highland Cow.  We also drank some really dark Guiness beer in a pub, while listening to a Scottish rendition of Folsom Prison Blues. was better than the original version.  No, really, it was.  Scotties have lively music that makes you want to jump up and...well, dance a jig!

Scotland has some of my other faves: waterfalls, rainy days, and men with accents (um, hellooo!).

I love Texas!

I don't love the heat (and trust me, it's H-O-T in Texas), but I'm a Texan gal, born and raised.  Always will be, no matter where I live. 



I love so many things about writing that I couldn't possibly list them all.  But that doesn't mean I won't try.  *grin*  I love creating characters.  Love me some sexual tension.  Crazy about happily ever afters.  I love brainstorming and coming up with outrageous scenes that shouldn't work, but do.  And I love detailed outlines!  Mine have ranged at the shortest being 50 pages to some as long as 130 pages.



Laughing makes everyone happy. Who wouldn't have this as something they love? 

I love reading a good book and becoming so involved you feel like you're in the story.  You know the characters so well they feel like people you want to be friends with.  I read a lot when I was younger and then went quite a few years without picking up a book.  (Life happens, you know.)  But in the last three years, I've read more books than I ever thought possible.  I've also instilled a love of reading in my children, who both have great vocabularies and read at a level well-above their peers.  It's never too late to go back to something you enjoy.  Pick up a good book today...they're addictive!




  1. Oooh, Scotland! I'm jealous! Jealous I tell you! I'd love to visit the whole UK area. Someday soon I'm sure. Thanks for the blog love. It was fun to get to know those things that you love. :)

  2. We toured London, but Scotland was so much better! If you're going on a trip, go there! It's beautiful! We stayed at a bed-and-breakfast on the water and our tour guide drove us all over during the day stopping at all the cool places. We even got to see the train bridge that's in the Harry Potter movies and stand on the hill that Mel Gibson ran down in Braveheart. I'm dying to go back!

    And you're welcome! I stalk your blog quite often. But don't worry - I won't "plagorize" you! :)