Wednesday, December 26, 2012

End Of The World?

Okay, so the world didn't end.  Good to know.  People were making apocolypse jokes like there was no tomorrow!  :) 

But in the end (no pun intended - haha), the Mayans were wrong.  Or maybe they were predicting the death of Hostess dingdongs.  (Man, I miss those things already.)

So it means I will actually live to write another day.  And edit.  And blog.  And...well, you get the idea.  In other words, I'm not going anywhere.  Which also means I'll live long enough to see how well I do in PitchWars!  You probably thought I'd go at least one post without mentioning it, right?  Well, you were as wrong as the Mayans!

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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