Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Agent Request

Wow. Such an exciting past few days.

Last week, I reworked my query letter for my novel, titled RULES OF PROTECTION, and sent it out to five more agents. And one of them requested the full manuscript!! Yea, me! So I've been busy preparing my book proposal and printing out a gazillion pages of my manuscript. Who would've thought I'd have to mortgage my home just to supply myself with that much printer ink? But, then again, what's a little lien on my home compared to a literary agent reading my novel?

And now that it's in the mail, it's time to panic...

Oh, God. What if she doesn't like it? What if she laughs at it...and not in the "that is some funny stuff" kind of way?  What if she goes camping and uses it for kindling, or even worse, toilet paper?

Okay, hopefully that won't be the case.  But, realistically, I know there's a bigger chance that she'll reject my manuscript after having read it.  But I'm seriously flattered that she wanted to read it at all.  After all, it's progress and it gives me hope that someday (soon, I hope) an agent will call me up and tell me how much they loved one of my novels.

Then they won't just read it; they'll help get it published...

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