Sunday, September 9, 2012

Wasted Time

Life gets in the way.

Probably the most widely used reason for not having time to write. I bought into this lie when I first started writing, blaming and chalking all my wasted time up to life getting in the way. As a writer, I propose that we change this phrase, and quit using it for what it is...a pitiful excuse.

Here's my suggestion:

Life gets in the way...but only if you let it.

Ah, much better. This I can live with. It's truthful, and any wasted time is now your own responsibility. After all, how many of us complain of a full, busy schedule, but then spontaneously drop everything to have lunch with a friend?

You can find the time to write. And should, if it's your true passion.

Don't use excuses. Instead, start eeking out time for yourself to write. Five minutes here, ten minutes there. You can even find half-hour or hour long intervals. Granted, it might require you to give up some things, but then again, do you really need to see who cooks the rice or loses a chicken on Survivor? Or which of Pauly D's girls are DTF?

The point is to find out where your time is being spent uselessly. Maybe you don't need to play an extra round of Frisbee-Golf. Or how about cutting that phone conversation with your sister down to an hour, rather than another two-hour long gab session on the same thing you probably talked about yesterday?

Makes sense, right? Of course, these are only a few examples, but I bet you could find wasted time in your own life if you looked hard enough. Think back over the past week alone. Don't dare tell me you couldn't find time that you could've spent better by writing.

Because, if so, I'll dare to tell you that you're not a serious writer.

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